Why My Boxville Shop is Closed


Hey Plant Lovers.

Just sharing that I closed my shop at Boxville the first week of April because I walked in and it was over 100 degrees.

I didn’t share the struggles I had last year trying to keep the plants (and myself) alive in the shop because it’s just not who I am.

I am the type of person who will put her head down and do everything I can to make things work.

So I invested in various ways to try to make the situation at the shop better (a custom heat blind, portable A/C, custom door stop, etc).

I had to come to the shop every day, twice on the days that I was closed, so that I could air it out and release some of the heat to try not to lose plants.

There were also many days when I had to remove the plants from the shop.

It was a huge struggle.

But I kept going.

Because I really loved being able to connect with so many of you and sharing something that means so much to me.

But walking into the shop on a 60 degree April day and seeing my temperature gauge register 99 degrees & seeing dried out plants was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back.

And I knew that I could not spend another day struggling & battling the heat in a container that is not ventilated.

So, I reached out to the management of Boxville and was informed that “After a conversation with leadership, it has been determined that we cannot accommodate the lack of ventilation in some of the boxes in a timeframe that would be conducive for your business”

Obviously that was incredibly disappointing for me.

So, I removed my plants the next day.

It has taken we weeks to work through my sadness because I worked so hard to make that shop work.

I mean… so so very hard, in ways that adversely affected me physically and mentally.

But while my disappointment remains, in the words of Queen Bee, “you won’t break my soul” and I know my shop will be back, and in an environment that fosters the joy that sharing plant love brings.

So, I just want to say thank you so much to all of you who have supported me and the shop. I am truly grateful. 🙏🏾

My online shop is still open and I am as always available for installations and custom orders.

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