Part 2 - Opening My Plant Shop In A Shipping Container

Hey Plant Fam!

It’s been a minute since I shared part 1 of Opening My Plant Shop In A Shipping Container.

So as I shared in part one, I drew up a “prototype” of a “doorstop” that would cover the A/C output and hold the door open in a way that would keep the entrance unobstructed.

Here’s my drawing which now looking back at it makes me laugh but when I created it, it made complete sense. 


Thankfully my nephew met me at the shop and we were able to have a conversation about it and he got exactly what I meant. 


And as you can see you don’t really notice it although it is a very substantial piece. And even customers who come into the store don’t seem to notice that it is not a part of the the door because they always try to push it to exit the shop instead of the actual door.

But so that was finally figured out. And the next challenge was trying to figure out what would be the best type of air conditioner for the space.

I spent hours researching everything from evaporative cooling to what I eventually end up with, which is a portable air conditioner. 

But before I actually got to that point, I spent a lot of very hot & exhausting days in the shop trying to paint the feature wall and just figure out how I was going to organize the shelves etc.

I originally wanted to put a plant shelf in the window because I thought that would really be amazing to have a wonderful window full of plants but that space had to be used for the A/C. 

More coming in part 3…

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