Happy New Year & Welcome Back!


Happy New Year! I hope you had a joy filled holiday season.

It’s time for me to get back to work after some much needed downtime, so The shop is back open TODAY from 2-5pm.

I gave myself the gift of truly taking time off, so today is the beginning of catching up, so orders will be worked on and messages responded to.

As always, you can still shop here on the site for pickup & mailing. Delivery will still be an option but turnaround will not be as frequent as normal (usually on Tuesdays).

LOCATION: 330 E 51st (51st & Calumet)

HOURS👇🏾1/03 - 1/12

Tuesday 1/03: 2pm - 5pm


Thursday 1/05: 1pm -  4pm 

Friday 1/06: 12pm - 4pm

Saturday 1/07: 12pm - 4pm

Sunday 1/08: 11-2pm

Monday 1/09: CLOSED on Mondays

Feel free to connect if you have any questions



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